Artisan Partners

Jeremiah and Anna Tucker

Jeremiah Tucker- Rawhide Hackamores, Reins, and Bosals with a touch of color

Anna Tucker- Colorful Mohair Cinches

Jeremiah and Anna were born and raised in Ohio. They tied the knot in the fall of 2013 and were able to combine their talents to form Diamond T Saddlery and Tack after moving west in 2015.  Jeremiah started doing leather work in his late teens.  He then made the decision to expand his knowledge and learn from one of the best saddle makers in Wyoming. While working on ranches, Jeremiah learned traditional horsemanship which lead to him want to understand hackamores and other rawhide gear. He has used this knowledge to improve and refine his abilities as a rawhide braider. After moving west, Anna found herself learning the ways of traditional horsemanship and the gear too. Growing up in and around the dairy industry, she didn't have much exposure to such a fascinating way of life. Then she began weaving cinches. She has worked to learn how to dye mohair to create a truly custom cinch. Jeremiah and Anna continue to push to create new and exciting designs as well as expand their product line. Their vision and modern ideas go hand in hand with The Colorful Cowgirl Mecates and vision.


Helen Corbari

Well she's my Mom, my teacher and partner in crime. She makes some natural Mecates to sell in my store. :)