Reasons for using a horse hair Mecate

Mecate’s are an excellent training device, and an excellent piece of riding equipment.

The weight of the reins with the slobber straps provides an instant release when working with a horse.

The release is the reward that the horse is seeking when you ask for something.

The horse responds to the feel of the horse hair on their neck much better than nylon.

They are pretty, and look really classy on a horse.

You can teach a horse to neck rein significantly faster with a horse hair mecate  than other reins.

You can use the popper to make a correction while in the saddle without having to go for your saddle strings.

When trail riding, if you have to you can use the lead to tie your horse safely. You can’t do this with any other headstall, rein, bit combination that we know of.

When schooling your horse, if you want to get off and make a correction or lunge your horse –you have the lead rope attached and you are ready to go.

When working other horses from your horse you can use the lead to yield the other horse.

They are one of a kind hand-made piece of use-able art.