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The Colorful Cowgirl

Horsehair Cinch

Horsehair Cinch

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Gorgeous horse mane hair cinches handmade old school style with Colorful Cowgirl colors made with stainless or brass flat D rings on the ends with two small D rings in the center. 

You maybe thinking 🤔. How do horse hair cinches work? Are they scratchy, and irritating for my horse?

The answer is. No, they are not. Once you start using them, they hair up on the inside from your horses loose hair. This creates natural padding on the inside of the cinch for it's lifetime. In turn horse hair on horse hair which does not create cinch galding, or girth itch.

The best time to start using one is in the Spring when your horse is shedding. 💕🐎

This is how the old time horseman did it. My Grandma always said these will last 20 years or more.

Horse hair cinches last a loong long time unless something chews on them.


Choose your length from the options, they can be made in different widths up to 6" max. Please message us colors you would like as there are too many to list on here. These are old school so colors happen how they happen. You can choose stainless or brass D rings. 

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